Dyslexia a gift!
Dyslexia is like a coin and as such, has two sides. On one side is the difficulties experienced with learning. The other side is the undoubted gift of enhanced picture thinking.

This gift enables us to picture things with great speed and clarity. It allows us to experience our imagination as though it were real.

The gift of dyslexia is the gift of Mastery. Dyslexics learn best when we are using our creative talents. Through hands-on experiential learning we can master concepts that become part of us – we know it because we have created the concept in the real world. This is true mastery.

The Results:
Dyslexics excel in occupations such as drama and the arts, architecture and engineering to name but a few.
In addition these talents make dyslexics:
Good problem solvers
Good judges of character
Very good at sport
Think three-dimensionally giving rise to talents in such areas as acting, computing design
Highly intuitive
Very curious as to how things work
Highly aware of the environment and often notice minute details
Original thinkers
Have a deep sense of justice and empathy for the underdog

Catherine Churton

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