Please use the following list to see if any of these occur in life or in school

Changing or reversing shapes and sequences of letters or numbers
Incorrect / inconsistent spelling
Seeing letters and numbers move, disappear, grow or shrink
Omitting or altering letters, words and lines while reading or writing
Omitting or ignoring punctuation and capitalisation

Difficulty making speech sounds
Perceiving sounds or words not really heard or experienced by others
Accused of not listening or being negative
Hearing sounds softer, louder, nearer or further away than they actually are

Balance and Movement
Dizziness or nausea while reading
Poor sense of direction
Inability to sit still
Difficult with handwriting (dysgraphia)
Balance / coordination problems

Inability to sit still or maintain attention for long (ADD)
Inability to learn maths (dyscalculia)
Difficulty telling time or being on time
Criticised for daydreaming and fantasising
Distracted easily
Trouble with sequencing (getting things in order) or setting priorities

If a few or more of these symptoms are consistently experienced, dyslexia is the likely cause.


Catherine Churton

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