My name is Catherine Churton, I am a licensed Davis™ Facilitator
working in central Auckland.

I work with children and adults and who struggle with reading,
writing, spelling, math and attention difficulties.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme® is provided on a one on one
basis, where I will tailor the programme to suit the individual's needs
and goals.

I have been a licensed Davis™ Facilitator since December 2000. I am
also a Davis™ Supervisor-Specialist - I have been responsible for
training the majority of Davis™ Facilitators in New Zealand and
Australia. Currently there are over 400 Davis™ Facilitators worldwide,
which allows for a great network and a wealth of knowledge to be
shared globally.

I invite you to browse my site, where there is myriad of information
on dyslexia, the Davis Method and the Davis Dyslexia Correction

I provide obligation free assessments and consultations. Please feel
free to email or call me:
Email :


Catherine Churton

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